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Parliamentary inquiry into the Bowraville murders

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November 22, 2013 in Campaigns 0

Yesterday in the NSW Upper House David moved a motion for an inquiry by the Law and Justice Committee into the Bowraville murders.

The motion is as follows:
That the Standing Committee on Law and Justice inquire into and report on the community response to the murders in Bowraville of Colleen Walker-Craig, Evelyn Greenup and Clinton Speedy-Duroux and in particular the committee is to hear from the families of these three children.

David argued that the Parliament should undertake such an inquiry because:
we have an obligation as a Parliament to hear their voices, to hear from the community and to hear what it means to be living in a small regional community that has suffered such an intense loss and, for whatever reason, has not seen justice delivered.
Community representatives from Bowraville spoke outside the house about their continued demands for justice. They also filled the gallery during this debate and were recognised by many of those who spoke.

The Labor opposition and the Christian Democratic Party both indicated their support for an inquiry into the murders. The Minister for Police Michael Gallacher spoke on behalf of the Government indicating their willingness to consider the matter further.

A final vote on this will be held when Parliament returns on Tuesday 26 November 2013. It is hoped that on this day all parties in the Parliament will come together to support this inquiry.

The full text of the debate is available below or on the Parliamentary website here.

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